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About Me

My name is Nathan Moody. I wear quite a few hats in day to day but ultra-running has become a context for integrating many aspects of life into a somewhat coherent experience. It has brought adventure to my whole family and instituted habits that easily scale far beyond running.

As a scientist, I bring the scientific method into almost everything and ultra-running is no exception. Whether running solo or as part of a community, ultra-running provides something like a living laboratory to test hypotheses and perceived limits. It is a continuous learning experience and I have much to learn.

During a race, I primarily compete against and try to overcome my own weaknesses. In most ultras, competing against another athlete is secondary and sometimes trivial. Oftentimes, your strongest competitor on the course is simultaneously your biggest encouragement and vice versa. While we each seek to improve rankings and race results, there is a seemingly universal understanding that at some level we are engaging in a fight to be better at life and not just a race.

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