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Everesting: A COVID-proof Ultra

Like everyone else, this spring and summer season has been like none other. Everesting provided a much-needed mental reset and challenge.

Rest is an Accomplishment

Until a year ago, I regularly sacrificed sleep to get more done. In most cases, I was convinced I was getting ahead.

Tribute to (my) Parents

I have come to realize in a new way the incredibly powerful gift my parents have given to me and my siblings.

Mogollon Monster 2019

The big take-away is that in a 100 miler, there isn't a silver bullet. Instead, it seems that a dozen or so things need to go right.

Training while on travel

For athletes with primary work responsibilities outside the sport of running, training can sometimes collide with work but it can also be...

Elevation Training

Crested Butte, CO is such an ideal place for athlete. It has a trail system second to none hat includes incredible views and high elevation.

Training Essential - Treadmill

Every runner has either a logistical or weather-related reason why they cannot run outdoors on some occasion. Mine usually is that I need...

Suunto 9

I have used Suunto for years and the Suunto 9 excels in what I require: long battery life. I wear a watch not to inform my race-day...


I track daily nutrition using Trail nutrition, during racing and training, consists of a combination of items (to...


I have four shoes in my quiver, allowing my to bring the right shoe for the right terrain, season, climate, or distance. Hoka Speedgoat...

Running Shirts

Both North Face and Salomon continue to cater to ultra athletes by making durable fabrics and clothing with expert feedback from their...

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